Two Poems

A simple return from a personal burnout.

Lee David Tyrrell


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It might sound odd, but I was born with an extra appendage, attached to my arm. Contained within, a special gland secretes a flow of superpowers — extra strength, laser eyes… the lot — at my command.

My mother passed this unique evolution to me; a gift, she says, and one she used to battle evil in the name of justice.

Now, as I turn 18, I make the same decision. I don a cape of Mum’s design, a mask of fitted, shock resistant plastic, and the tool belt from my dad’s decaying shed.

Batman? Moody, lavish prick.

Hulk? Needs a therapist.

Spider-Man’s a little boy, but I am well prepared.

I press the lumpen tube that hangs from my left bicep; grit my teeth. I think of flying, through the clouds, and feel the wind beneath me.

Any second now, the latent power will explode, and I’ll be sailing on the mist, t’ward injustice on the march.


At the scene of the suicide, Batman was confused as he pulled the makeshift cape — a tablecloth — from the cadaver.

Beneath it, clear as day, was a tourniquet around the arm, a needle, and its broken plunger, feet away, upon the ground.

Image created for A Decent Land, by Scott Tyrrell (my brother!)

When the water makes its way from mountaintop, through rivers and their tributaries, and out to open sea — or pooled in lakes — the planet sups its own loose vapours, nourishing itself.

Entropy dictates that planets die, of suffocation. Until then, filtered waste — engrimed by filthy wanton species — cycles, ever dirtier, and chokes the desperate globe.

Neighbours, unaffected by the fruits of evolution, watch in horror; motionless, compelled to keep their distance. A reddened sphere, next in line, blinks with ancient insight. Venus — love and beauty as an orb — is slightly scorched; she turns her back upon her brother, looking to the sun.

Hello to any of my old — or new! — Medium friends who happen upon this new post.



Lee David Tyrrell

Fiction writer, mostly attracted to sci-fi and strange, experimental tangents. I’ve also worked as a music journalist for Clash, eGigs, eFestivals & C64 Audio.