Three New Stories

A Toe in the Ocean

Lee David Tyrrell
8 min readNov 17, 2023
Me and wee Daisy, on the street I grew up on!

Here are three different stories I’ve been working on lately, through a period of intense struggle. One’s sci-fi, one’s horror (which is new for me) and the third is a little video game backstory.

I’d love to know what you think, as I’m going through a bit of a blocked up period at the moment, and have been struggling in a number of ways. Decent Land is on hiatus until I find love for it again. ACME is my first and best love, and I want to be in a better headspace to finish my “REDACTED” version of it.

So, I’m more excited by the idea of exploring new ground, and I’m quite keen on these three introductions…

Iteration One

A row of garish, painted huts stretched out across the promenade. Upon each one, graffiti shimmered back the light of noon. This beachside town — a tourist trap — was in the throes of happy hour; yuppies on their lunch breaks hummed throughout the streets.

Amongst the quaking throng of managers and supervisors, rich enough to hobnob in Miami taverns on the waterfront, there stood an unassuming man in his thirties. Most of those surrounding him still wore their blazers — ironed, tight fit — from the morning meetings and recruitment drives. Instead, our subject wore a simple gown that hung about the shins; black, loose (for…



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