Anniversary (A Writing Prompt)

Inspired by a local group of scribes

Lee David Tyrrell


365 days, 366 in a leap year.

An entire chapter of your life, segmented down to four seasons.

Winter starts the crawl, a single mitten in the snow. A sled across the car park sludge. A dinner with a stranger. The scraper on a frosty car windshield cracks the ice.

Spring appears, Ides of March, with still a misty morning chill; warmth envelops tarmac as the sun approaches noon. Evenings are shorter, but the light of day entices you to alleyways; a rubber ball is thrown against the brick.

Summer breaks, and blinds you through the curtains as you wake. The hessian sack scratches at your calves, but you hop regardless. An atmospheric heat rises from the A/C, melting the Maltesers in your pocket into one. The cows are sitting down, so raise your hood and turn the page.

Autumn falls from the dusty book upon the shelf. A dry, crisp orange breaks the yellow of before. Suddenly, a sofa seems like hearth to the weary. The eyes of a terrier — deep brown — like the bark outside. Sprinkle something in your coffee, if you must; the darkest questions pose themselves in tender times like these.

Back to winter, finally; a bookend, caked in snow. Or so our fondest memories will regard it, baked with gingerbread. The truth is cold, and it’s coming to us all. The perforated paper falls from coiled wire, to the ground. Yellowed by the sweat of nicotine, you disregard it. And then the cycle starts its rusted spin from the beginning.

Hello readers, and Medium friends!

This is just a sweet nothing cooked up for my local writing group, inspired by the rather banal prompt: “Birthday”.

Indeed. I struggled for a few minutes on how to put my own twist on it, and then this bit of poetry appeared in my notepad.

I like its imagery, and playful rhythms, so I thought I’d post it here for posterity! Later on tonight, I’m doing a huge round of Medium reading. I’m deeply appreciative several people have read and responded to ACME; just a few cobwebs to clear before I sit for a read!

Make sure to support with claps and comments where you can. We’re all in this fight against a dodgy algorithm together!

All the best,
Lee David Tyrrell

P.S. Do feel free to try out the prompt too! I found it a challenge personally, due to how wide, but also kinda penned in, it is. Let me know with a tag if you do it!



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