Since falling in love with writing at the age of seven, thanks to a particularly inspiring teacher, I've been scribbling something or other in my spare time.

In my teens I worked as a music journalist for several publications, reviewing live shows in a decidedly gonzo style. To me, the audience was often as interesting as the performance itself.

During the heady days of my 20s, I founded an online zine with a close friend - Secret Cave. Eventually, we published a couple of physical editions to a small readership, but the project soon caved in. Many of my articles for that zine will show up on my Medium, if I haven't already gotten 'round them.

Throughout, in the background, I worked on my own short stories, novellas and books. I often kept these to myself - outside of close friends. However, I'm now in my thirties, and ready to take my writing seriously. So, here I am, playing the Medium game, making friends and learning a lot along the way.

If you're intrigued by my words, and would like to read some of my work, please feel free to peruse my lists. There, you'll find my debut novella - ACME - in its entirety; a Kafkaesque exploration of cartoon realities. If that sounds a bit too experimental for you, you might prefer my more grounded short story - Mr. Mero. Otherwise, I'll be uploading heaps of articles covering a wide variety of subjects, but one of my main and most common interests is music.

My latest project - 100 Followers - is an in-progress science-fiction novel. Within, I explore a climate-ravaged future Britain, where a citizen's follower count - on a mandatory governmental app - affects social security and other benefits. It also includes a healthy mix of English colloquialisms, musings on AI art and three hallucinatory dragons.

I hope you're now interested to see what else I may have to say, so please enjoy my Medium. And don't forget to engage! I'm here to make friends and build communities, so join me on a literary journey that I hope can be mutually inspiring!

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Lee David Tyrrell

Lee David Tyrrell

Fiction writer, mostly attracted to sci-fi and strange, experimental tangents. I’ve also worked as a music journalist for Clash, eGigs, eFestivals & C64 Audio.