A Decent Land: The Eye’s Mantra

An introductory pamphlet from the Lords of the Eye, addressed to the youth.

Lee David Tyrrell
8 min readFeb 2


The Eye (by Lee David Tyrrell)

We see The Eye in our dreams, before its existence is even revealed to us. And so, we rest assured — in faith — by our own experience. Its pupil crimson, like our royal family’s castle (no coincidence), The Eye is ever locked in observation. Beneath it — twelve times a day — monks and Lords of the oculus do gather, on their knees, to hear the prophecy.

A Decent Land will be our home. Home will be A Decent Land.

The Eye — our Eye — is one of three, brought with the fleet when The Cataclysm came. Its brother, a whitened chrome monstrosity, sailed to myths of a trio of suns, guided on the bloated backs of arks devoted to Trinarism. The final Eye, Blind, was destroyed by a solar flare; although it rarely spake, or helped us on our journey.

Trinarism postulates the only viable system to support us would be furnished with a triplet in the firmament. Highly cynical, Blind instead suggested suicide (as a logical conclusion to our vagrancy). The Eye — who, at the time, was known as Right Side — is not so rigid in its thinking; so, we followed it.

No one paid heed to the useless cries of Blind, and Left Side lost its credibility and stature. We were growing impatient as we reaped the ever — homeland devoured — on a fruitless search for three stars. On the Right, we perceived a wink at certain moments; a simple sign that a duo would suffice. Thus, we were cleaved from all of the pious fundamentalists, whose loyalty propelled them t’ward a separate destiny.

We still love them, and we hope to meet again someday. They’ll likely stumble ‘pon our Decent Land, eventually.

Left Side Eye (by Electric Dreams)

Where, then, were the three eyes constructed? Since official records cease ‘fore the early generations, our ancient history is incomplete. It’s thought a plethora of them were dotted ‘round our founding globe; each affiliated with a different regent. The Family Qualat, who remain amongst our number, are considered royal guardians to Right Side Eye. All others, ‘cept The Family…



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