A Decent Land: Molecule (COMPLETE)

Comments from The Immaculate Lab on the nature of rare elemental discoveries.

Lee David Tyrrell


01. Beveron (Bv)

Atomic Number: 120 Atomic Weight: 300.46

Beveron was first discovered beneath the oceans of Ūdan-III. Hoarded by the mermaids and their kin, this magnificent substance holds a perpetual liquid state; regardless of its temperature. We use it as a solar lubricant, whenever a star is in our proximity.

The brutish working classes were responsible for quite a discovery; Beveron is prized as a rare, fluid delicacy. It’s said to taste metallic, with an undertone of caramel. Several trials are currently running to test its long-term effects.

Great streams of Beveron flowed freely upon the surface of Ūdan. We manufacture it, with samples extracted from mermaid scales.

02. Vidium (Vi)

Atomic Number: 128 Atomic Weight: 318

Essential to the entertainment industry, a batch of Vidium costs extortionate amounts (and baits the desperate pirates). Thus — unique amongst all our cargo — we ship it ‘pon Pawns; our military drones.

Regular deliveries are made to The Gallery, Arena and The Island of Pleasure. Of course, Arkade has an on-board Vidium production facility, to feed its machines. Without a constant supply, our gamers would die in a virtual world.

Vidium is mixed with saline drip, to form a solution. We keep it coursing through the veins of users, which allows them access to our most advanced and realistic simulations. Once unplugged, withdrawal manifests in numerous ways. See: Experience Point Reliance (within the fully conscious).



Lee David Tyrrell

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