A Decent Land — Interview

Here, I take a deeper look at the Decent Land project. What are my responsibilities as the Art Director, and how do they tie in to my lore?

Lee David Tyrrell
12 min readMay 12, 2022


My latest novel — A Decent Land — is an experimental legendarium of alien flora and fauna. But why? What’s it all for?

My novel, and podcast series, is just one part of a huge NFT art project, which I’m directing (from the creative side). Please don’t kneejerk! We all know that NFTs and Crypto have had a bad rap in the public eye, and I’m as dubious as the next guy. And just as ignorant too! I know little to nothing about the world of NFTs, and that’s something I explain in this interview. Please take the time to read through my words; if you’re cynical about NFTs (and I share your reservations), I believe our approach is an inspiring one.

We’re in this for art. We’re in this for expression. And every step of the way is original. This is not an NFT project that will steal or lean on the imaginations of others. That is precisely why I’m on board, and part of my job is to build a bridge towards the general public that’s all too often been inaccessible to the layman. I, myself, am a layman, and it’s time to break down the elitist barriers that surround technological and artistic evolution.

To find out more about A Decent Land, and how my novel of prose fits into it, scroll down for the interview in full! The questions were asked by Adeola Oladipupo, although I have rephrased them slightly for people without an NFT background (like myself). Indeed, I’m joined throughout the interview by my colleague — Darwin — who helps with a number of technical details.

I’m so new to (and dubious about) the world of NFTs, I needed some help! So, please give our project a chance. Every drip of my latent creativity is siphoned into A Decent Land, and I hope you’re intrigued by our concept.

What is the ideological concept behind the Decent Land NFTs, and how did it come into being?

I think Darwin is far better equipped to answer this question, but it does lead me to a couple of things that I can and should discuss.

As I type my answers to this interview, I am extremely new to the project. I’ve…



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